About Zreefer


Zreefer® is a Dutch clothing brand aimed at children up to 6 years. This is comfort paramount, you can see this for example in our fine harem pants and comfortable tops, but also in our material and color choices. Because of this your child always wears the latest fashion, but he can also play in comfort.

Where it began

From her 11th year, the formerly owner and designer Alissa is already busy making her own clothes and other projects. After the birth of her great source of inspiration, her son, she has realized her dream with the support of friends and family and start her own businesses. She already made 6 own collections with her team. From now we will grow the business where she started.


Zreefer, a company with a mission!

At Zreefer we find it important that we with our products contribute to a better world, our customers are after all our future! That’s why we use GOTS-certified materials and we manufacture our products locally. Because of this, we contribute to local employment and we reduce our ecological footprint.