The brand Zreefer is for sale. Email us for any questions about this.


At the moment there are no vacancies at Zreefer available.

Working at Zreefer

Curious how it is to work at Zreefer? We like to give you a small impression.
You work at your desired times (if you can meet the missions or hours as agreed) to your preferred workplace. Do you like to work at our location with our ever so cozy team or do you prefer working at home? Do you work part time, and then you like picking your days? That is also possible! We like to see people go to work with a suitable job in a way that fits their lives. We can’t make it better, right? Exactly! Therefore, we naturally get alot of open applications.

While we would like to give anyone a job, it’s not possible. We hold open applications in our system, no more than six months.

Working at Zreefer is like a party. Maybe you’ll become our new colleague?